There was a time not long ago when bringing somebody to your website a minimum of five times was required before they actually completed a purchase. Yes, only five times.

ecommerce roi sampleGuess what? That number is now up to 20! It’s a wonder anybody sells anything online with those averages. Why is this happening you may ask? Nobody knows for sure but it may be due to all of the options shoppers have today in comparing prices online to simple distractions (you know the scene, your online shopping, suddenly you get an alert from Facebook or Candy Crush and off you go – forgetting what you were doing).

With this said, website owners are asking how they can convert these clients. The answer may lie in remarketing.

What Is Remarketing

Remarketing  or Retargeting is the ability to connect with visitors to your website who may not have made a purchase. Remarketing allows you to place targeted ads in front of this audience as they browse around the internet.

Many of you probably have noticed that after you visit a particular website,  that website’s ad follows you even after you have left it and are now searching elsewhere. Or, maybe you have noticed a product you were viewing is now appearing on the right-side of your Facebook page. When this occurs you have been ‘cookied’ and are a part of somebody’s remarketing campaign.


How Do You Remarket

Putting together a remarketing campaign can occur in a number of formats. Depending on what you are trying to achieve, the size of your company and the size of your budget, remarketing can occur within a number of formats.

what is remarketingGoogle Adwords – Google Adwords remarketing campaigns are the most popular and common. These campaigns are easily set up by simply placing code behind the pages you want to target and then funneling visitors from select pages or all pages into a campaign. For instance, if you want to target visitors to your page that sells “Shoes”, an ad that displays your “Shoes
will follow that visitor. The idea is to remind these visitors of your brand and website so that they will come back.

Adroll – Adroll is a software that remarks not just within the context of Google. Adroll works much the same way as Adwords does but has a broader audience. Adroll isn’t cheap but works nicely.

Email Remarketing – Email remarketing is awesome as the concept is this: Once a visitor has been on your website or even placed items in their shopping cart, but did not complete an action – they are sent an email reminder. More than $300 billion dollars are lost in e-commerce sales from abandoned shopping carts. Email remarketing has proven to generate nearly four times more revenue than those who don’t use email remarketing. Email remarketing can be highly specified to the item last looked at. Email remarketing also requires lead nurturing and drip campaigns which are carefully planned over specific amounts of time and with specific messages.

Facebook Remarketing – Facebook remarketing is a bit different. Facebook remarketing campaigns are limited to the lists you upload into Facebook which means taking your email list and targeting this list through Facebook ads. Because people have shown interest in your product or service, targeting such a list is often effective in converting these people into Facebook followers from which further ads and branding can be made toward.


Inbound Marketing and Retargeting

The power of Inbound Marketing helped the trend of Remarketing as it came into being and became more common and powerful. Capturing your visitor’s email address and name was a must and using free downloads, pop-up chats and other options as necessary to make the full circle complete. Many of you may have visited ecommerce websites that won’t  let you browse without the requirement of a given name and email. This trend is becoming more common with specialty boutique online shops. For ecommerce sites without this allure, other strategies can be integrated to capture the visitor’s information. Once you have this information you are able to highly target your ads and responses to this person to continue building brand awareness and eventually numerous revisits and a sell.

Articles On Remarketing and Retargeting

Detailing out how remarketing works could go on and on. There are books written on the topic as well as help documents. If you are trying to create your own remarketing campaign you might want to read over some of the articles provided below. Remarketing doesn’t have to be complicated but it appears to us to be more and more necessary. After all, why spend thousands of dollars driving traffic to your website if that traffic doesn’t convert to a sell?


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There are a number of other articles on remarketing, especially by companies such as Adroll who sell remarketing services. If you are interested in what a remarketing campaign will cost to build and sustain, give us a call and let us look over your product or service.