We all know how important it is to integrate Calls to Action (CTA) into our posts or ads. Facebook has now created a button that makes this important piece of marketing easier for business owners. Because the Facebook CTA button has just been rolled out, not everybody will have the opportunity to use it yet. For those of you who get a pop-up message on top of your business page – well, you have been chosen.
Facebook plans to roll out this new button over the next few weeks and for worldwide users, over the course of the year.
How does the CTA button work? Basically it is like another form of advertising except when somebody sees your Facebook page they will also see right up next to your Like or Liked button one of these options:

• Book Now
• Contact Us
• Use App
• Play Game
• Shop Now
• Sign Up
• Watch Video

What kind of results can you expect? Well, it depends on how you set up your campaign and how much you invest in it, but so far the Dollar Shave Club has boasted that their campaign button “Sign Up” delivered a 2.5x higher conversion rate than other comparable social placements. And because social media advertising tends to be quite affordable, I’m sure their return on investment is something they can brag about.

Caveat on the Ad

Facebook is also rolling out the option to promote your website in a new way which does not allow the above buttons to show up next to your Like button but rather just creates an ad for the newsfeed that includes one of the above CTA’s in the ad. These two types of ads shouldn’t be confused. The first looks like this:

facebook CTA ads


The second type of ad looks like this:


call to action ad facebook


The second ad is inserted into your targeted audience’s news feed, just like any other type of ad or promoted post. The only difference is you have the CTA buttons. We have been playing around with it to determine which of the two are most see and clicked on. After giving it a trial period, we will let you know of the results.