Maybe you missed it, you would have to be searching for it, but Twitter Analytics is now available for Twitter users. To find it, click on the small image of yourself in the upper right-hand corner where a drop-down menu is offered and choose Analytics.

Twitter Analytics

How Many People Saw My Tweet

Maybe you have been wondering how many people actually saw your Tweet, that is what is each tweet’s impression status? Glad you asked, Twitter Analytics has this information. We all know how fast a twitter feed can roll your tweet right out of existence before it’s even noticed but now you can see hard and fast numbers.

With Twitter Analytics you can see a daily graph showing how your Tweets are performing and below that individual numbers for each Tweet. Tweet performance starts with your most recent tweet and shows Impressions, Engagement, and Engagement Rate.

Twitter Impressions

Twitter Impressions

With Twitter Analytics you can choose your date range to examine Twitter impression performance. The default number will be 28 days. With the drop-down menu you can customize your dates or choose from previous months. You can also export the data into a tidy little CVS file.

The impressions data timeline is color-coded which helps if you are paying for promoted tweets, you can see how they are performing over your organic tweets.

There isn’t any way to make a comparison of data between months or periods of time, this is the only down-side.


Promoted Posts

If you have been playing around with Promoted Posts, you can now see how those posts are doing directly, without having to login to your Google Analytics. One can easily see the number of Impressions, Engagements and Engagement Rate that promoted post has. By the way, if you haven’t used Promoted Posts yet, it is a lot of fun, very customizable and worth setting up some quality campaigns.


Twitter promoted posts


The Engagement number is one of our favorite numbers, it means people saw your Tweet and took action with it, rather than just pass it by. To find out what type of Engagement others made with your Tweet simply click on that individual tweet in the list and a second window will open.

Within that second window you will see:

  • Impressions
  • Link Clicks
  • Favorites
  • Replies

You will also have the opportunity to promote your Tweet within the box on the left. The box will tell you what they guess your engagement rate will do if you promote it based on the already existing popularity. On this Tweet below, the Tweet have five engagements, so if I promote it, Twitter is saying I can increase my engagement by 25x. (I am running a test campaign on a Tweet to determine if this works).

Obviously Tweets with images perform much better than standard tweets, but we already learned that with Facebook.

With Twitter analytics you will recognize other trends and factors. People will often retweet without actually clicking on your article and reading it – maybe they just liked the concept or title?

twitter enagement analytics



At the top of Analytics you have a menu of:

  • Tweets
  • Followers
  • Twitter Cards
  • Tools


Followers is a great button with a lot of information. A graph will show you how many more followers are following your account but it is followed by information on your followers Interests, Location, and Gender. Not surprisingly, most of my followers are interested in marketing. This page also shows how your followers follow – which helps you identify certain influencers in your industry.

twitter followers


There is much more you can do with Analytics if you are playing with all the bells and whistles but this should get you started in getting a better understanding of your Twitter market.