facebook cat videosTrue story, client who has had an ongoing Google Adwords budget comes to us stating they need more business. Client states they can’t seem to compete organically as their competition has ten times the budget they have and their Adwords are just performing so so.

This is a story we hear often – people don’t go to doctors when they are healthy, they wait until things get bad before asking for help.

We tell this specific client that we are going to build a strategy that won’t be the same ole’ same ole’, to trust us. The strategy we are going to go after requires some really wonderful blog articles, photos and some serious focus on Facebook advertising.

When one mentions Facebook, thoughts of cat videos and vacation photos are the first things that come to people’s minds – and yet, Facebook for businesses is one of the most affordable and yet profitable venues available as of today. (I say – as of today as everything can change on a dime).

The above client, which represents a handful of clients, dedicated a portion of their Adwords budget into their Facebook advertising budget and voila, results began to pour in. The momentum that had to be built took a few months but now said clients are so busy with new business and bookings that they are having to call for a cease fire.

To give you an idea of what these clients are paying per click and what types of exposure they are getting, I took a quick screen-shot of a few weeks worth of advertising results on Facebook for a handful of clients.

Now, mind you – each of these clients have different budgets and unique competition profiles all of which affect interest and cost.

(Facebook will charge you less if the interest is high – just as with Google Adwords, you are rewarded for giving the people what they want).

facebook advertising results

As you can see prices are all over the board but if you have ever advertised with Google you know the days of paying less than a $1.00 per click are far gone. Facebook is the new frontier and so far it is actually affordable to those who don’t have million dollar budgets.

How Much Should I Spend

Determining your Facebook advertising budget spend doesn’t have to be complex. There is no magical number as every industry is different but we have recognized that if you are willing to spend $1,000 a month on advertising alone and then pay a professional for some really well written posts with high quality images or graphics that your return will pay for itself 10 fold.  Some are reporting ROI’s of 17x.


Don’t Throw Your Money Away

Believe it or not we have seen some horrible demonstrations of Facebook posts and advertising. You can screw it up and throw your money away. The good news is that one sees this more with Google Adwords than Facebook – Facebook advertising is a little more user-friendly and intuitive. You have to be intuitive too in understanding what your market wants to see or hear and what types of people to target. Once you have a clear understanding of this – boom. The phone calls and results begin to roll in. So what are you waiting for – there is some Facebook butt to kick out there!Walking in Field



Tell us of your successes or failures using Facebook advertising – we’d love to hear from you. Best story will receive a free Starbucks giftcard from us. Use Comment Box below.

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