Our team recently had a conversation with a fairly large corporate entity with a line of amazing products. They had been discussing the need for a Social Media presence, but didn’t exactly know why it was necessary or how it worked. Most of their board members felt they knew what Facebook was, and all of them even had a personal Facebook account. Their understanding was that if they shared deals about their products and photos of the products on Facebook they would, in turn, be Social Media experts. (Insert Head Shake Here)Social-Media-Marketing-Arizona

We come in contact with some many large companies that are brilliant on so many levels, but cannot seem to understand that Social Media is not just having a Facebook account. Is it about their saving money? Is it about their being in control? Each entity is different. The bottom line is, their competitors are winning with ‘Social’, and they don’t understand why their nephew posting on Facebook for their business, won’t provide the same results.

Currently there are a slew of social media platforms out there online today. From Google Plus, to Pinterest, to Twitter and Facebook, maintaining Business social accounts – even if you don’t know what you’re doing – is a full-time job.

Social Media is about relationships. Period.

Social Media is not about the ‘post’. It never was, unless you’re 80+ years old, and dying to see a picture of your great grandson online. Social Media is about relationships. Period. Let’s pretend for a minute that you sell…. custom swing-sets. Now, imagine being introduced to a new acquaintance, with four children, at a party. Would you introduce yourself as ‘the person who sells swing-sets online, and is offering a 10% discount if you order right now”? No. You would introduce yourself as a person, and you would ask questions to learn more about this individual as a person. Social-Media-Management-Companies-in-Arizona

Perhaps then, you find you have some things in common – and set up a play date for your kids to connect and play at the park. After a few picnic lunches, you start to develop even more common interests. Perhaps, your kids both enjoy making ceramics at the Clay Hut or your kids will have the same teacher in school next year. This, is a relationship. People learning about each other and organically allowing the bond to grow over time.

The same rules apply in the world of Social Media.

Social Media 101

You do not create a Business Facebook Page and start plowing people with deals and discounts on your product. This is not a relationship – this is pushy sales, and it’s gross. You first start to understand the types of people that would be interested in your products. You want to be online, learning what they buy, when they buy it, what their interests are, where they’re hanging out online, etc. You have to have a genuine interest in those that might be potential clients.

An agency like ours, completes that research, finds your specific demographic and begins building relationships from ground zero. We ask them appropriate and related questions on behalf of your company, we offer them help, solutions and answers to questions, we find out what they are looking for in your particular product – and gently place your brand in front of them when the time is right.

After a relationship is built – over time – it’s much easier for a potential client to WANT to buy your product, or even refer it.

If you had two restaurants that were exactly 1 mile from your house – would you go to a stranger’s establishment, or the establishment of somebody that was a friend or acquaintance? 9 times out of 10, you’re going to support those that you trust, and those that you have a relationship with on some level.

Facebook is Only the Beginning

Yes, Facebook is an amazing outlet with amazing options for targeted advertisements. When developed correctly, the return on Facebook ads is out of this world – just ask a handful of our happy clients. Although, it’s more than just Facebook.

Yes, yes, we know you have a Facebook account, and you just posted your most recent and favorite Paleo diet on your personal page. But, do you have targeted circles in your Google+ network? How many people are actually seeing your Tweets? Are they the right people or just…. people? How many people that saw a targeted Facebook ad actually visited your website – did they make a purchase – and if so, for how much?

Understanding that a fantastic Social Media Marketing Campaign is more than just putting up Facebook posts is only the beginning step to utilizing these great platforms. Those that understand this and can trust a Social professional, just as they would a Medical professional or even Construction professional – will reap the benefits for their brand, their product and the longevity of online sales.

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