Tired of looking at the same colors on your Twitter profile? If you are ready to mix it up, here are a few easy steps.

  • Click your profile picture and go to Settings.
  • In the sidebar in Settings, click Design.
  • Scroll down until you see Background Color and Theme Color.Twitter color choices
  • You will see a color swatch followed by a HTML code. If you click on the color swatch you will only see about five choices of colors.
  • If you want to pick from more than five choices, as anybody would, go to this website http://html-color-codes.info/. Begin clicking on colors until you find the swatch you want. After you find the color you like an HTML code will be shown for you to use.Twitter Color Choices
  • Copy the number and go back to your Twitter page and paste it in as either a Background color or Theme color – or both.
  • Save changes.
  • Viola – you have a new look.


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