If you have noticed a dip in your Facebook Page Likes it may be due to Facebook’s new purge. According to Facebook’s blog, the company is “Making Page Likes More Meaningful.”

What does More Meaningful mean? Facebook is scanning your Likes to determine if the accounts are active and removing any likes from memorialized or voluntarily deactivated accounts. Facebook admins say the removing of inactive accounts should provide two things:

  1. Business Results – Business page results will be more accurate and audience data is up-to-date which it supposed to make it easier for businesses to find people like their followers through ‘lookalike audiences’ – which by the way is a paid service.
  2. Consistency – Facebook is trying to filter our deactivated and memorialized accounts for data consistency (memorialized accounts are accounts that belong to deceased members)

Dips in your numbers doesn’t have to be a bad thing – just be aware that is probably is Facebook scrubbing its network, not people just finding your business uninteresting.