IN ANY INDUSTRY, monetary value is assigned to almost every action. Organic traffic to a website is no exception. When one is looking into monetary values which are assigned to all marketing actions,  we can quickly see SEO and organic traffic’s value.

For example, this tour company’s keywords that are found organically and driving traffic to this site are estimated to be worth $12.51k to $15.37k per month.

SEO Organic Search Value .


In a highly competitive industry, finding great rankings for keywords of great significance means more sales and money.

Let’s look at another website who isn’t doing so well with their SEO and organic traffic value. This tour company has been spending $1.33K to $2.31K per month in ads and their website isn’t showing up well so their organic search value is only between $82 and $100. This company is also new and is just starting their SEO work therefore they have to catch up and at a cost.


High PPC Costs vs Organic Search


Depending on your industry and competition, ad costs can be a large portion of your budget but if your monthly organic traffic value is also high, then making money back on your investments balances out. Your SEO specialist would be able to spell out the Return On Investment you are making for your marketing/advertising costs. There is nothing wrong with spending money on Adwords or PPC, the problem happens when you aren’t investing in your SEO as well and are trapped paying for PPC as your only way of drawing traffic and sales.”

PPC costs can cost some companies hundreds of thousands.


SEO Strategy and Creating Value

Now let’s step over to a website and break down what we see going on that is of important SEO value. Gossamer Gear sells really light weight backpacks – like unbelievably light.  Besides having a great product, the website is nicely laid out. Usability is critical in keeping a user on the site. But beyond all that, let’s check out how they are implementing SEO strategy into their website.

SEO Strategy #1 – User Engagement.

Right away we see products, pricing and reviews that we can click on to research this company’s bags.

Gossamer Ultralight Backpacks


SEO Strategy #2 – Email Capture

Scrolling down to the bottom of the page, we discover a newsletter sign up box.  It’s an easy to complete box, a no-brainer which would allow people to easily sign up for more information about Gossamer.

Capturing visitor’s email address is critical. Following up with these contacts and creating a set of sequenced emails that pull people through your buying funnel is also important.

email subscribe button


SEO Strategy #3 – Social Media

Social media is no longer a stand-alone platform, engaging visitors and brand fans with social media and building fluidity between social media and your website will help your website rank better. Building individually strong social media accounts that are highly interactive, relevant and have a great following is very important. Don’t think that social media will take care of itself. Also, don’t put social media on the back burner for the interns – I can’t emphasize this enough. Social media done right can make all the difference in the way your SEO is affected.

SEO Strategy #4 – Links

The website is loved and it shows in the number of links back to it.  With a Page Authority of 52 and Domain Authority of 47 with 4,751 links, it is no wonder this website ranks well for certain keywords. Not only does this website have a good number of backlinks but a good number of quality links. Obtaining links back to your website is one of the hardest things you will do and yet the most impactful. Start by building quality content on your website. Don’t forget to work up great press and of course have a quality product or service that everybody wants to talk about and share with their friends.

SEO Strategy #5 – Clean Code

Looking at the backend, we can see a host of things going right for this website. Surprisingly, many of these things usually go wrong for most websites and owners are unaware of them. This list of items include:

  • IP Canonicalization
  • txt file running properly
  • XML sitemap up
  • URL rewrites are clean
  • www resolve. The website redirects with or without www to the same page

SEO Strategy #6 – Title and Description Tags that include unique keywords and are easy to read.

This website has their brand and keywords integrated into the Title Tags and then it includes a nicely written Description Tag for each page. The easiest way to see a website’s title and description tags is through search engine results.

Optimized title and description tags


SEO Strategy #7 – Having a Blog With Fresh Content

I can’t emphasize the value of the blog with its updated quality, fresh content and its impact on your organic search results. Articles written within a blog format get special emphasis due to the way they are generated within your website. For instance, when you write a blog article, that article will become its own page with a URL that can include the title of your blog article or a customized URL.

Quality optimized photos within your blog are also important for these reasons. You will be distributing your blog article through various social media and bookmarking channels and there is no better way to capture somebody’s attention than through a quality photo. Quality photos within Google+ and Pinterest are necessary so don’t expect to gain any traction within these social media platforms without providing a great photo every time. You can visit this blog and see the number of great images it uses


Optimized blog articles and content


Blog Categories, which can be seen on the left for this website, are also important. Picking about 10 quality Category Groups which your blog can fall under is important. Using Keywords in these Categories can be helpful.

And finally, ending your blog with social share buttons so users can easily and quickly share the article is critical. There a number of plugins out there for most websites and you want to make sure the social buttons are for Sharing and don’t just link to your company social sites.

SEO still has value and those who have jumped on the wagon early are starting to already glean the profits from the work. While SEO is an ongoing process, you can appreciate its investment once you have come up against competition online who manages to always show up on the front page for your best keywords. Wondering how they did it? They started optimizing their website early and have created a plan they stick to. What are you waiting for?