Email lists, email lists. It seems like every great business model has incorporated them into their marketing plan these days. From health and nutrition companies, to life coaches, there’s always a new list to sign up for. Of all the businesses in America, only about 1/25th actually have AND utilize their email list to campaign for their brand, product or service. Can you believe it?  Email-Marketing-Company

There are over a hundred reasons why an email list should be utilized by a company, but here are the top three reasons why an email list is a company’s biggest asset:

These People are Already in your Corner

It’s true. Anyone who signs up for your email list is already in your corner. They either a) like what you are offering b) have already purchased what you are offering c) are likely to refer what you are offering to someone else. You can’t beat that kind of marketing love with a stick.

Nurture and thank these individuals regularly. Perhaps put a referral program in place to encourage more sharing of your product. Have giveaways that allow these individuals a chance at winning more of your product/service, or a first go at it.

By choosing to systematize and organize the email streams that go out to your ‘list-ers’, you can also do more market research to find out a) what types of content they appreciate b) why types of content are too pushy or sales-ie and don’t completely get read through c) what you can do to get them to socially promote or refer your product or service even more.

Return Business Should be a HUGE Producer of Future Sales

Of those that have signed up for your company’s email list after making a purchase, stats show that over 30% should make another purchase if your customer service and product were of considerable quality. This means, that it’s time to nurture these folks back down the sales funnel to another purchase later down the road.  Email Marketing

Perhaps you send this particular list of individuals a coupon or promo code via email and track who opens this email and then who makes a purchase. Perhaps you make them aware of a ‘fans only’ product that is being released early – just for them. There are so many ways to thank your current clients while nurturing them to another purchase at the same time.

Email Lists are the Key to Future Product or Service Releases

Releasing a brand new product? Thinking about adding a new feature to a current product? This is your test audience. These individuals already ‘like’ your product or service on some level and won’t be afraid to give their opinion on a new feature or a new product within what you already sell. Send out a survey or a thoughts questionnaire to gather feedback about what you’re planning on creating, before you do it.

Companies often find that they save large amounts of money on products that their target audience might not have been interest in – by asking them first. Save money, use your email list and ask the right questions.

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