You have a business and you have a goal. The route you take to move your business to your goal can often look like a very long round about and out of the way road. This is especially the case when it comes to growing your company online. Why? Because the world of online business is new and it changes constantly. Even if we haven’t any interest in technology, we are forced to understand it just to survive.

How many cell phone upgrades have you had in your lifetime and how many times did each upgrade require relearning how to use that phone? How many operating system upgrades have you experienced on your computer and again, learning all over where everything is located.


Staying up with technology as it applies to growing your business is just as complex and ever changing. This is where digital marketing companies can be of help. The more diversified that company is, the more complete your technical strategy will be in helping you grow your company as you would like.

Why Use Digital Marketer

So, with that – what are the five things that need to happen to grow your company online?


1. A Complete Understanding of Today’s Best Practices. When it comes to Search Engine Optimization, social media, pay-per-click advertising, banner ads, and working with Google, Facebook and everything in between – you had better know what the best practices of the moment are or you will be throwing your money away. What worked only a few months ago for Google Adwords is no longer effective today.



Old outdated marketing practices


While many people were focusing their marketing budgets on Pay-Per-Click advertising last year, this year Social Media Marketing and Advertising is where you will get the most bang for your buck. How you implement these ads is also one of those ‘latest and greatest’ practices you will need to stay on top of so that money and time isn’t wasted.


Understanding today’s best practices extends itself to all digital outlets. How are you posting on Facebook? If you are posting the same content as last year, you have lost touch of what people like or want to see. Do you have an Instagram account? Are you using email marketing in conjunction with your online campaigns?


There are a hundred ways to stay on top of today’s best practices when it comes to digital practices. Understanding what those best practices are and which are critical for your particular industry is where experience and an internet marketing team comes into play.


2. Knowing and Using The Best Online Hacks. The word hack is used quite often today and it basically means, an easier way of doing something. A short-cut if you will. There is the long way of doing a job and there is the faster way. If time is money, then knowing all the hacks means saving money and saving time. Unless you want to spend hours and days on one simple project, jumping right to the hack and understanding how it works will ultimately serve you well.


3. Using Online Information To Your Advantage – Online marketing is wonderful due to the huge amount of information that is available to business owners and marketers. We give away our information about ourselves daily. Every time we login to Facebook and talk about a particular topic, like a certain page, share an article or login to another software with our Facebook or Google ID’s, we are giving away a ton of information about ourselves. This information is used by marketing teams.


While nobody wants to acknowledge how much information they are giving away – the upside is that if you are trying to grow your business, using this free information is critical.

Marketing demographics


Today, rather than wasting marketing dollars on newspaper ads that go to every person across the board– you are able to ensure your marketing dollars are spent very specifically. This is exceptionally great news for companies that sell to people beyond their city walls. If you had a product ten years ago that you wanted to market to the masses, you would have needed an extraordinarily large budget to do so. Today, anybody can sell online and without breaking the bank.


4. Finding Your Tribe and Sticking With It – Most companies want to be all things to all people, right? Isn’t this where one makes all the money? The fact is, none of us can be the Walmart of the online world and we all have specific audiences or tribes of people who completely relate to our product or service and who really, really want to do business with us.

Finding your online tribe.


Seeking out these people and selling to them is much more enjoyable than trying to force your product or service on somebody who doesn’t appreciate it or is half interested. No, you are not leaving money on the table with this concept. Most people won’t accept this truth in fear that some lucky soul might get left out of the marketing loop. The fact of the matter is, unless you have millions of dollars to spend on marketing and advertising, then you have to take a more microscopic view of your demographics and target them only. Finding these people and narrowing down who they are will be critical in the growth of your company. Your tribe isn’t just about old school demographics which is limited to age, sex and income. Demographics can include motive to buy, interests, and personal passions.


5. Know Your Unique Selling Proposition – We have said this before and we will say it again. What sets your company apart from everybody else doing or selling the same thing you are?


Today, more than ever, people are seeking out those who have a particular story or substance about their company. For instance, if I have five rafting companies I want to pick from to take my next Grand Canyon Adventure – what will be my criteria? If they are all priced about the same, they all take the exact same route down the Colorado River, they all serve great food and have fun guides, what now becomes my determining factor in choosing my company?




People will look at your Facebook page, website, and any images or information they can about your company to try and find a personal connection. If there is something about you and what you represent that resonates with the researcher, then you will be picked. If you and your company’s brand looks just like everybody else’s, then the odds of you getting the jump on your competition lessens. Be unique. Everybody already has a unique quality to their business, so find out what yours is and capitalize on it.