In the fall of 2014 Co-Founders of SEO Essential Solutions, Pamela Ravenwood and Bonnie Sedan approached Yavapai Food Council’s Director Amy Aossey about helping YFC in expanding their online footprint and reach. Yavapai Food Council was putting all of their efforts into their great and worthy cause, but Ravenwood and Sedan knew that YFC’s hopes of growth would be greatly expanded through Online Marketing.


SEO Essential Solutions learned about Yavapai Food Council through a friend of co-owner, Bonnie Sedan. Sedan notes, “When our team heard about the great things Yavapai Food Council was doing for our very own community, it was something we all wanted to get involved with right way”.

Marketing company Co-Founders Ravenwood and Sedan volunteered the time of themselves and their team to six months of intensive online marketing, brand awareness, new volunteer reach and food insecure individual and family reach. The cost of these efforts through Sedona’s own, SEO Essential Solutions to Yavapai Food Council: 100% free. All expenses were covered by co-founders Sedan and Ravenwood.

“Our team assists one non-profit per year on some level. Whether it’s through leveraging our time, software and experience OR through our personal and business relationships, we are all big believers in giving back,” states Pamela Ravenwood, Co-Founder of SEO Essential Solutions.

Yavapai Food Council is a non-profit dedicated to supporting those who feed the hungry. With a number of programs that support families to children at school, YFC’s most well-known program in Northern Arizona is the Food Neighbors Project. This program allows families to help other families, by donating one bag of groceries every other month. To make it even more simple, Yavapai Food Council has a set of volunteer drivers that will pick up donated groceries right from the doorstep of the donor, making giving as streamlined as possible.

Each member of the SEO Essential Solutions team is an active part of the Food Neighbors Project, donating 1 full bag of food to a family in need, every other month. “Supporting those in our community through filling empty bellies, or children in our community that are going to school without a lunch is a no-brainer. It’s the least we can do to support the community in which we live and work,” states Bonnie Sedan, Co-Founder of SEO Essential Solutions.

online marketingAbout Yavapai Food Council: If you are located in Northern Arizona and wish to become a part of the Food Neighbors Project, or if you wish to donate to YFC and their cause to support those who feed the hungry, visit: