If any of you are running Google+ for your business, it used to be that you could access your business account from your personal account simply by dropping down a menu from your picture – somewhat like Facebook. This feature has disappeared. Why? Google is changing everything when it comes to Google +.


Marketingland has stated that Google+ is actually dead. What has happened is that Google has split Google+ into two new services titled Streams and Photos. Google Hangouts will still be around as well. So while aspects of Google+ seem to still be around, techies are saying it is as we know it ‘Dead’.

Why didn’t Google+ work? Many feel it was too difficult to share content – for instance if you wanted to share with Buffer, Hootsuite or Chrome Extensions – it wasn’t possible. A second problem was that Google wanted people’s real names rather than a username – many shyed away from that.


On March 2, 2015 Google’s Sundar Pichai, senior vice president of products, announced that Hangouts will live on as a standalone product as the company reorganizes around photos and communications.

With that, Pichai also states that “building a stream is still important as well as a social layer, a common layer of identity”

What this means, nobody knows until it rolls out. For now, just know Google+ is not operating as it used to.