As small business owners, facing new situations, learning new strategies, and maintaining professional skills are all part of the landscape. Having other small business owners to discuss strategy with, whom are very successful and have been in business a number of years, is priceless. This is why podcasts have become so popular to date.

While the number of podcasts available are numerous, finding a few that resonate with you and saving them on your computer or phone, and then listening to these podcasts while you are at the gym, out walking or waiting in line, will inspire you – I guarantee it. Of course you might have moments of self-doubt and feel like you are behind in the ‘game’ but not to worry, the beauty is, within the podcasts you will discover most everyone else feels the exact same way.

Here are some of our favorite podcasts. If you have a favorite that you listen to regularly, we would love to hear from you.

1. – Jon Nastor’s podcast Hack the Entrepreneur focuses on the struggles, fears, habits and inner battles entrepreneurs face. This podcast is unique in that the message isn’t focused to a specific industry, it is focused on the business of being in business for yourself. Nastor said he has discovered that everyone finds their own way to success so he became obsessed with the idea of finding the ‘replicable’ things behind leading names and people on their way up to try and find patterns.

Nastor is a genuine person who shows passion and thoughtfulness with each interview, which makes the short and sweet interviews all the more interesting.

Every person interviewed is asked why they went into business for themselves – whether it was because they couldn’t work for another person or they had a big idea. The following questions include what is your biggest weakness or failure, how did you get where you are.

Hack the Entrpreneur by Jonny Nastor



2. EntreLeadership – Ken Coleman interviews some of the top minds in business. Tips on leadership and business are discussed with the likes of Seth Godin, Jim Collins, Ali Brown and Mark Cuban. This podcast sounds more like a radio talk show but there is a lot of great information. Imagine yourself having the opportunity to eavesdrop on conversations of very successful business people and what they are talking about.

Entreleadership Podcast



3. Build Your Tribe – This podcast by Chalene Johnson is designed to help listeners build their brand, create a following on social media or in business. She states “If you are looking for a smart way to do things, know-how and hacks of doing business,”, listen to her show. Show titles include: How to Be Consistently Consistent, What Success Should Feel Like, and How To Deal With People Who Stress You Out and Drive You Crazy. The podcast is clean and easy to listen to.

Build Your Tribe Podcast



4. Entrepreneuronfire – John Lee Dumas has been cranking out podcasts from day one, having just recently published his 1000 podcast. There is a new podcast put up every day. Dumas’ platform is talk to the most successful entrepreneurs every day. If you visit Dumas’ website he maintains all of the information he has gathered from his guests to share with you  and he is also known for the guy who shows his monthly income. In the upper-right-hand corner of his website you will see a number, showing his earnings. I’m guessing he does this to prove his work, his platform and advice works. As of this writing he has a Gross income of $2,147,841.72 and a net income of $1,602,468.20. I found this pretty inspiring!

5 best business podcasts



5. The James Altucher Show – You can’t help but like James Altucher after listening to him over time. Altucher hahs started and sold a number of companies, earned millions and lost millions and is very open and honest about his successes and failures. Altucher is also known for his WSJ Bestseller “Choose Yourself”. Altucher doesn’t mind asking questions, making a fool of himself if necessary and being kind – he just wants to get to the bottom of the problem, find a solution and share that with others.


James Altucher Podcast