Google Adwords hack newsletterMaintaining your Google Adwords account can be a daunting task. The rules change all the time, the bids definitely change minute-by-minute and then the interface changes. If you are busy, as most of us are, knowing which hacks to use on your Google Adwords account to get the best return, is of course important.

While there are hundreds of webinars to watch, books to read and articles to study, being a small business owner means your time is limited and you just need to get to the point.

Well good news. Google is actually doing you a favor and has created a Google Best Practices team and newsletter. I haven’t received this newsletter yet so I can’t say if what they suggest is indeed a best practice for you or for their bottom line.If you sign up for Google Pest Practices, you will receive an email per month which should only take you three minutes to read in entirety.

I’m looking forward to a three minute hack that actually works.

The hack might be in the form of a quick video, the introduction of a new feature or a practice. If you are interested in getting on Google’s list, sign up here.  We hope it’ll be time well spent.