I am anxiously awaiting for Michael Singer’s book The Surrender Experiment to arrive. Having just finished reading The Untethered Soul, I just can’t get enough of what Singer has to say. As a lover of podcasts, I fortuitously stumbled upon James Altucher’s interview with Singer and wanted to share it.

MIchael Singer The Surrender Experiment Interview



What is the Surrender Experiment? The book is autobiographical and tells the story of what happened to Singer after his deep spiritual awakening in his twenties which taught him to no longer allow his personal fears and desires to guide his life. Instead, Singer decided to follow life’s flow. In the book Singer talks about a series of miraculous events that included creating a multi-billion dollar company after having becoming a self-taught computer programmer and CEO of a billion dollar company that created a leading-edge software package that transformed the medical practice management industry.

In Singer’s interview with Altucher he describes his inner awakening experience and how others can achieve this similar state of being. Topics he covers quickly include:

  • How we are the observers of our thoughts, not our thoughts.
  • How to not listen to every thought and just be an observer
  • How fear affects us
  • How personal preference guides us in our decisions rather than letting our Higher Self guide us

If you are interested in either of Singer’s books you can visit his website. We hope you found it as life changing as we did.