Dr. Lisa Maturo, holistic alternative hormone balancing, thyroid treatment, and medical weight loss.When a person’s body and mind are in balance, optimal health just seems follow. This was surely the case with Dr. Lisa Maturo of Tempe, Arizona. Her own body was out of alignment, which drew her to research and seek out more information on balancing hormones.

“There is quite a bit in medical literature to show that when we balance and correct hormone imbalances and deficiencies, we can not only feel and look better– we can even prevent age-related diseases,” Lisa Maturo, a Naturopathic Medical Doctor in Tempe, states.

Some of those diseases include: osteoporosis, heart disease, cognitive decline, dementia, weak bladder issues, and sleep-related issues  – as well as perimenopausal and menopausal-type issues like night sweats and hot flashes.

“These, and more, are all diseases and symptoms that can be prevented,” Maturo said. “My focus is protecting health in the later years by starting early, and by practicing preventive medicine through hormone balancing and optimizing.”

Dr. Lisa Maturo attended Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine because her interests and passions were and are more related to natural, preventive medicine.  Maturo found her hormone specialty when she received her own personal diagnosis of Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis — an autoimmune underactive thyroid condition experienced and even undiagnosed by many. She further discovered there was a huge number of people with undiagnosed or misdiagnosed thyroid disease that was becoming a sort of ‘epidemic’ across the United States. She decided after her own diagnosis that she would dedicate herself to helping others through the process of increasing their overall health through hormone balance.

“It’s tough out there for thyroid patients. I went through it myself,” Maturo said. “However, when I refer to hormone balancing I’m thinking of not just thyroid, but of all the hormones.”

Because of her experience, Maturo took extra training and certifications in the area of hormone balancing. She also learned there was a difference between synthetically altered and bioidentical hormones – bioidentical, of which she uses exclusively in her practice today.

ABHRT-Certification-Seal-Print-300“The reason that’s important is the perception that all hormones are bad when it comes to hormone replacement, but the studies, in particular the Women’s Health Initiative study, were related only to synthetically altered hormone use– specifically to Premarin and Provera,” she said. “We shouldn’t extrapolate that negative study to mean more than it does…it simply showed those two synthetics had an association with breast and uterine cancer. There is no study to date that shows natural bioidentical estrogen and progesterone have the same association. So I’m not sure why that widely held belief that ‘hormones are bad’ is still out there as a general perception held by not just patients but other practitioners too!”  Dr Maturo when on to say, “ To me that is a real shame because if used in the right forms, hormones can be one of the most powerful positive influences on health that I’ve ever come across. And when you combine hormone wellness and optimizing with healthy diet and regular exercise?  I believe that combination has incredible preventive power to keep people in a place where they are aging gracefully and healthfully.”

Bioidentical hormones are identical in molecular structure to the hormones made in the body. They act the same way as the ones the body produces, making your body feel right at home.

Healing a physical symptom is only a part of treatment. Much of Maturo’s practice centers on working with her patients’ needs including the psychological, physical, dietary and emotional aspects as well. Patients travel from across the country to seek the medical assistance of Dr. Lisa Maturo because she has become known as an expert in natural endocrinology.

“When a person doesn’t feel like themselves and they know something is wrong despite being told everything is normal on general bloodwork from their yearly physical, they should find a physician who will do a thorough, in-depth hormone panel testing all areas…thyroid, sex hormones, cortisol (adrenal) and blood sugar/insulin– so that the more subtle elusive imbalances can be found” Maturo said. “I encourage patients to take charge of their own health. If you’re not happy with your practitioner, don’t be afraid to speak up or find one who is more open-minded. Practitioners such as Naturopathic Physicians or other doctors who practice functional medicine will be the ones usually open to working on hormone optimizing and doing the right tests and being the most helpful with good treatment.”

About Dr. Lisa Maturo: Dr. Lisa Maturo located in Tempe, Arizona, focusing on hormone balancing, thyroid treatment and Hashimoto’s, as well as other complimentary services. For more information on Maturo Medical Wellness, or to set up an initial consultation, visit: http://www.maturomedical.com/.