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Observing the latest study on Lead Generation Strategy Trends conducted by professional surveying group Ascend2 , it was hardly a surprise that Email is still topping the list. Before you pull out your credit card and start purchasing email lists – STOP.

Utilizing Email and nurture campaigns is very complex in nature. Acquiring email addresses takes a good amount of time and trust and by no means should you buy lists and spam people.

Email campaigns work like this. In theory the idea is that people don’t like being spammed or sold to so you are only reaching out to those who have already shown prior interest in your specific brand or product. Following up with a series of emails after they have signed up would then cue the prospective client and enable them to visit your website again – this time in hopes of catching them at the right time for a sale or conversion or even a second sale or conversion.

Surveyed Best Lead Generation Tactics

Before preparing to set up or fix your email lead nurturing campaign, begin with a list of goals that you want to achieve. Goals that were discussed in the above survey include those listed in the graph below.


Goals for lead nurturing campaigns

It isn’t a surprise that an Increase in Conversion Rates ranks the highest along with an Increase in sales opportunities. Many companies with sales teams are utilizing these types of campaigns to gauge visitor’s intent. Questions such as -Did the lead come back to the website to do more research or to buy becomes a qualifier for the campaign’s performance. If the lead came back to the website for either reason, you have now just increased Brand Awareness and Increased Lead Qualification.

For many sales teams, monitoring how many times a lead takes an action on a website determines whether the lead is warm or hot. Software systems like Marketo and Infusionsoft help use tracking cookies to weigh in on these temperatures.

No ordinary email will of course just entice a visitor to spend their precious time on visiting your website. Your series of emails must be well crafted and according to the survey show content that is relevant to the email recipient’s needs. Having email lists broke out by interest will assist in targeting specific content to the right targets.

While Relevant Content ranked at 69%, personalized campaigns came in at 40%. Using a bit of code and again, custom email lists, the recipient of your email will feel as if you noticed their specific need, used their name and are reaching out to help them solve a problem and meet that need.

Lead nurturing campaign tactics graph


Digital Targeting and Email Sequencing


With the information acquired by Ascend2, companies can now begin to audit all of their digital marketing efforts.  A punch list of projects that should be reviewed if not designed and created include:

  • Email marketing software with automated response and sequencing capacity
  • Integrated and custom list building in place
  • Content production with content calendaring based on target channels.
  • Audience segmentation
  • Content marketing, social media, website, SEO, and paid programs for email captures

If you aren’t even receiving enough traffic to begin siphoning traffic into campaign lists, then you will need to have your website completely optimized. If your social media campaigns aren’t in place, you will need to set them up properly and begin utilizing the advertising element behind them. And last, you should have your whole digital marketing presence audited for glaring errors, broken pages, and an overall digital congruency. A digital audit will help identify all of these errors.

Website Traffic Acquisition

So to break out your punch-list for increasing website traffic, review the following:

  • SEO – Search Engine Optimization
  • Social Media Outlets Designed, Installed and Functioning Properly
  • Social Media Marketing In Place
  • PPC Marketing In Place
  • Website Code is Solid and Website is Responsive to Mobile and Tablets

Once you have nailed down this small list and traffic begins to roll in, you can bump up your digital marketing efforts to fully embrace email nurturing campaigns and other high performing conversion campaigns built around content production and landing pages on your wesite.

Are you utilizing the best Lead Generation Tactics? If you would like to review Ascend2’s report download their PDF from here.