website conversions lowYou have built your website and maybe you even have a lot of traffic – so now that you have accomplished the difficult portion of work, maybe you are asking yourself why more people aren’t ‘converting’. Where are those people going and why did they leave?

Just to be exact, A website conversion is when a visitor takes an action that you are seeking. Examples of conversions can include:

  1. Making a purchase
  2. Completing a Registration Form
  3. Calling Your Company


Goals vs. Conversions

When analyzing website traffic, a digital marketing company watches for goals to be met and hard conversions to take place. We like to separate the two, because the health of goals being met usually equals the value of the financial conversion at the end of the day. Here are some examples of Goals:

  1. Completing a Contact Form
  2. Signing up for a free download
  3. Making an inquiry
  4. Watching a video
  5. Downloading a piece of material
  6. Spending a set amount of time on your website or viewing a set number of pages, showing engagement.

So here is the deal before we get all technical. Think of yourself as we walk through this…

online shopping with cell phoneYou want to make a purchase. The first place you go is online – you either ask friends on Facebook or begin searching for specific terms for what you’re seeking.

Secondly, you find a company that you are interested in purchasing from. There are a number of actions you will probably take from here depending on how expensive the purchase is or how badly you need whatever it is being sold.

If you are like most people, you are going to price shop or at least want to know more information about the company, product or service you are about to purchase before committing.

So here lies the problem. People are bouncing around all over the Internet, probably visiting your website and then leaving. Your hope is they remember your brand or website address well enough to come back and complete the ‘conversion’.

Why People Don’t Come Back To Your Website

People are typically multitasking while online. A number of people will get a Facebook notification and skip over to that or a squirrel runs by – who know what distracts someone while they are on their phone or computer doing research. What we do know is that you only have a few seconds to gather their info and attention and eventually obtain a conversion.

online shopping distraction squirrelFor a true conversion to take place, a trust and familiarity must be built between your company and the potential client. Doing this is called “customer nurturing”.  Nurturing in the digital marketing world means slowly getting closer and closer to the potential client, with all sorts of digital ‘hacks’ (or processes) you or your digital marketing company have put into place.

The processes are like laying out breadcrumbs back to your website or dangling a carrot back over that potential client’s nose so their Internet distracted A.D.D. self, will suddenly find themselves back on your website and committing to making a purchase or as we like to call it a “conversion.”

So what are these hacks, processes or breadcrumbs you might ask? Well, if it were just that easy – right? A blog article wouldn’t come close to covering ever detail necessary to fully engage all your channels and bring that potential customer back you your website and/or your brand – but what you do need to know is that there is a way – and if people aren’t buying your stuff – don’t take it personally if you haven’t been utilizing any other strategy than simply putting up a website.

conversion marketing arizona

Nurturing Programs For Online Marketing

Nurturing programs include the following and we’ve surely not listed all of them – but take a look at this list and ask yourself how many of these you are using and using consistently as well as with congruency and quality.

Only a few years ago the only way to nurture a campaign was through Inbound Marketing old school style – put up a cool downloadable piece of information in exchange for an email address and then set up your sequencing and away you would go. Now the playing field is full of means to nurture a potential client back to your side, and Inbound Marketing is a broader paying field. You simply can’t grab somebody’s email address and call it a day – no… want that potential customer to not only convert but be so ever faithful that they not only buy from you but promote your product or services to all their friends.

Nurturing your client to create a conversion can take up to over 20 connections (spread through all of your channels).

There are a billion websites online right now and siphoning off the traffic needed to pay your bills and grow your business requires specific strategy – not just sheer luck.

Need some conversion therapy? Talk to us about what tricks we have up our sleeves for your particular business or industry.