LinkedIn, the world’s largest professional network, is a social outlet and a resource for businesses and business people. For business people who work for others, it’s a great way to network, connect with new business people and read up on the latest and greatest business news.


For businesses and business owners, LinkedIn can be a referral network for your business. Here are some ways to make your LinkedIn profile work for you:


Be An Active Part of the Online Community

Social outlets are a give and take relationship. If you were to go to a party and met another business owner for the first time, you wouldn’t just blast everything about yourself for the entire conversation, would you? No. You’d give and take, learning about each other and what makes each business unique. You might even determine if you could help the other business by referring someone in need of their services. Share your information on LinkedIn, but also connect with others and on a true and REAL level, try to assist others with their businesses as well. Remember: Karma has no deadline. Rack it up and give as much as you take.

Networking on LinkedIn


Build Up Your Business Page

 Take the time to set up your business page. Make your business look as professional at is it everywhere else. Be consistent with your branding and let those on LinkedIn know what you’re truly about. Once you’ve done this, make sure all of your employees connect with your page, so LinkedIn members can see the smiling faces and experience of your crew.


Complete Your Profile

Make sure your profile is complete. Most business owners add a few items to their profile, and a photo – and leave it at that. LinkedIn actually scores how complete your profile page is as a business owner. So be sure to complete items such as:

  • Past Work Experience
  • Volunteer Experience
  • Skill Set
  • Location
  • Adding a photo
  • And more…

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