Showing up number one in Google


Several years ago, and even now, many companies didn’t even know what SEO was. There are marketing companies that now claim they ‘do SEO’ without really understanding its fundamentals. Companies hire SEO specialists or digital marketing agencies who state they will help them show up on the front page of Google, which as any real SEO specialist knows is hardly ‘a thing’ anymore.


Showing up well organically is the goal of any business but to focus primarily on this as your objective will often leave you disappointed.


Over 70% of those who contact us, do so asking to be “Number One in Google”. From a distance this totally makes sense. When they are typing their company type, or keyphrases into search engines such as: Google, Yahoo and Bing – they aren’t seeing themselves at the top. From a digital marketer’s perspective, “Number One in Google” isn’t always the targeted goal that will make the bottom line come into play. What’s the bottom line? Sales.


There are many ways a company can show up “Number One” on their own computer, which gives them the mistaken idea that everybody else is seeing the same result. If you are searching for a competitor and they appear to be at the top of Google, is their listing a paid ad?


Secondly, did you know your computer is biased? Yep, Google knows who you are, what your business is, what you search regularly – as goes the same with your friends, family and co-workers. If you type in one of your keyphrases enough Google will associate that keyphrase with you and your company. Some slick SEO Companies will even ask you to search your keyphrases weekly or even daily to track progress, when all that is really happening is they are getting Google to push your company to the top for the phrases they want on your computer. Tricky right?


Our company practices with non-biased keyword and keyphrase reporting. This means, that we take a neutral software system that eliminates items such as: our location, IP address, what we search regularly, etc. This gives a more accurate rating of what is really happening with your business in search.


But, let’s think about this even further for a moment…


Imagine that every computer in the world is biased to items such as:


  • Their location
  • Their IP address
  • Who they are connected to on Social and Email
  • Which websites they already click on regularly
  • If they use image or video search regularly


This means that everyone’s results will always be different. This means that a company can’t just be “Number One in Google” for every single computer on the planet, so the goal is unreachable. Everyone’s actions in search are different. For that reason, a more holistic approach to Digital Marketing is necessary for each and every company; one that encompasses not only search but social and within platforms where your potential client or lead hangs out on.


So SEO is no longer what it used to be. Today we are not simply optimizing websites and waiting for the money to roll in – instead we are optimizing digital marketing strategies and taking a more holistic view to achieve goals or even Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).


If you receive an email or phone call promising you great SEO, just be aware of what you are truly paying for and what your expectations should be.


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