S to the Izzo! Yes, SEO is still super fresh and very important to any website. Rumors of it dying off have left a big gap for those who are utilizing an SEO strategy to jump ahead and grab a larger portion of their target market. With that being said, and with the changes happening with Google – why is it that SEO is still so important? Check it out:


As long as Google moves sites up and down in rank, SEO will be important. It is true that every computer, tablet and smartphone is biased to your recent searches, connections, habits and more. However, with an effective SEO strategy your company will still show up in search.

A Holistic Approach

We at SEO Essential Solutions are big believers in that a holistic approach has to be taken when crafting a digital marketing strategy.  It’s great to pick and choose one or two items to really focus on – this is usually pretty standard. Why-Is-SEO-Still-So-ImportantHowever, having the foundation in place (SEO, especially on-page) is necessary to making every other piece of the puzzle come together.

Defining Your Targets

When developing an SEO strategy, a proper team will of course conduct keyword research, but also assist in crafting new (and possibly hidden) demographics for your product or service. This work is jump started by SEO. Once the foundation of your SEO strategy is in place, we can then take that architecture and apply it to Ads, Social Marketing, Lead Development and more.