If you love a great deal for yourself or someone you love, often the best hidden secrets lie within company’s social media accounts, specifically Facebook.

To find these deals, it’s often best to follow all of your favorite company’s social accounts and stay active within them so that the Facebook algorithm remembers to serve up to you these posts.

Holidays are often especially hot for specials and deals. With Mother’s Day just ending, here are some businesses and their offers. Each promoted their offer in a unique way.

Farmgirl Flowers located in San Francisco provided a flash sale starting April 27 where within 24 hours you could use their promo code and receive 20% off buying flowers for your mother. Within the text of the Facebook post, Farmgirl Flowers included the code that you needed to receive the discount.


The company also answered any questions people had within the post.  The following day, on April 28, they followed up the post with a countdown post showing only 5 hours left. And last they finished off the holiday with final photos of the company putting together flower bouquets and keeping the happiness rolling

If your mother is more of an outdoors person, she could have gone rafting with Brown’s Canyon Rafting for free with two paid guests. Unless you were following their Facebook page, you would have missed it.


Browns Canyon Rafting


In following a company’s Facebook page, you also are aware of real discounts and not scam discounts, such as the Lowe’s Mother’s Day coupon scan that was going around on Facebook this month.

Using Facebook To Promote Your Company

If you have a company, you should also be taking advantage of holiday’s and special occasions, or maybe even create your own random flash sale just because to reward loyal followers like Earth and Tonic did here.


Earth and Tonic plant based products


You can surprise people on occasion with pop-up sales or steep discounts to reward loyal followers. Make it worth your followers time to push discounts to those who see your offer only on your social accounts.

If you do run a promotion on your Facebook page or other social media accounts, remember there may be people who have questions. Stay on top of what is happening with your social media post and answer any questions people might have or thank them should they compliment your offer.

Your Turn

Tell us about your best social media following or offer!