If you are trying to fill up some upcoming tours that are just around the corner, one idea is to run a flash sale. Flash sales will look like a last minute offer wherein, you have a few spots left at this discounted rate. This allows the first ‘x’ number of people that call, to receive this discount. However, this isn’t the only way to approach a flash sale or even why you would want to run a flash sale…

Why Have A Flash Sale

First, is the “why”. You don’t have to be desperate for a booking to conduct a flash sale. You can simply have a sale for the following reasons:

  1. You want to attract new customers and you know that a flash sale will get that person sitting on the fence to act.
  2. You want to grow sales or revenues, and you realize a flash sale will be a quick way to bring in some cash flow.
  3. You need to boost profits during a specific season – which means increasing sales.

How to Have a Flash Sale

Now that you have identified why you are having a flash sale, herein comes the “way” to have a flash sale. People around the world, from those who travel to tour industry players, have worked with sales just like these. Here are some ideas that have worked:

man on snow

  1. Offer a discount of around 10% to 15% off tours, but only within a specified period of time. That time can be simply 24 hours. Having a time restriction will push people to make up their minds and realize that this is a deal, not a usual offering. Many types of tours are booked last minute anyway, so the deal will encourage the person looking for something to do to complete their vacation itinerary.
  2. Create a unique sale every day for a week. This type of model will keep interested parties coming back to your website, social media outlet or email to see what is happening and what you are offering next. Think of how many email subscriptions you are getting that offer deals on a day-by-day or weekly basis that only subscribers would know about! I know that I belong to at least three subscription programs and they all have to do with discounted flights, hotels and tours. You better believe I read every one of their emails, and have converted into several sales.
  3. Reward existing customers. If you have a list of people who have toured with you in the past, make sure they are the first to receive notice on a great discounted offer. Remember to make the offer feel exclusive and have a time limit on that offer. This approach is often the most successful as the client already knows you provide great trips and is probably just looking for an excuse to tour with you again. This also works well for promoting new tours or trips that you might have recently put together. What better way to introduce a new offering than to start with your existing clientele?
  4. Discount an anniversary. You can pick a specific date, month or even year to celebrate with discounts. This type of flash sale provides great sales copy and PR. You can get creative and mix the number of years you have been open with the type of discount the person would receive. Let’s say you have been in business for ten years – then try offering 10% off.

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Flash sales can be fun, and they don’t have to be cheesy or cheap looking. If you think out your tour and promote it correctly online, you could see your bookings fill up faster than you could ever imagine.

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