Often busy running your business, coordinating tours, guides, and completing all necessary preparations, you often have little time to work on your own business. Marketing your business online requires a handful of efforts, but that which has quickly become the most important – is blogging.

Why Blogs Are Important For Marketing

  1. Blog articles are fresh content and Google’s search engine loves fresh content. Every time you write a blog article, you are doing just that, showing Google that your website isn’t old and dried out, but instead, is fresh and amazing.
  2. Blog articles give you great material for your social media outlets. When sharing your blog articles on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or whatever social platforms you are primarily using, remember to include a link back to the blog so that your more serious booker can read more about what you have to say.
  3. Use some of the best images you have available, for your blog. Great images go a long way in Google Image search, and if optimized, they will help your website with its SEO (search engine optimization) factor.
  4. Blog articles can be shared by readers. Having an article shared, even to a personal Facebook page, opens up your brand and tour to a whole new host of potential buyers. Every new person you reach is a potential client, so always leverage your blog for reach.

men white water rafting

  1. Website interaction. People reading your blog article means that they are staying on your website for longer periods of time. Keeping readers from bouncing off your website is again another great signal to search engines. This signal is also a benefit to your SEO.
  2. Writing about a tour, trip, region gives your company industry authority. If you are a white water rafting company writing about the details of a specific river you are often rafting, proper safety procedures, nature features and about a million other topics – this shows the reader that this isn’t your first rodeo. Prospective tour goers like to be as informed as possible about adventure tours that can be a little more intimidating. Writing in detail about your trips will help alleviate any hesitation a potential booking client may have.
  3. Blogging isn’t just limited to words. Today a brand can incorporate videos or even create a Vlog. Creating a visual story doesn’t have to be difficult. With YouTube becoming more popular, and a large portion of the population wanting a live visual, it is critical to integrate video into your marketing strategy.
  4. Bringing guests back to your website to read your blog article provides the perfect opportunity for retargeting.
    Setting up a retargeting campaign in Facebook or within Adwords is extremely important. Statistics show people who are already familiar with your brand and see another ad from you, are more likely to buy from you over your competition.

Staying up with your company blog doesn’t have to be a hassle or a headache. If you are already offering a really cool service, start by obtaining a heap of amazing photos and videos. Collecting stories, telling stories and sharing stories is what it’s all about. Happy Blogging.

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