Search Engine Optimization is always changing. Your website may have been ranking well for years, and then suddenly it now appears to be off-the-map. This is common as bigger brands push their way to the top, and as Google continues to hold onto almost half of the first page of online real estate.

So what are some simple things that you can do to improve your search rankings organically?

  1. Update your plugins behind your website. Maybe even more importantly, look at obtaining one efficient plugin that does the work of three or four plugins. Plugins slow a website down and slow websites mean lower Google rankings. One good plugin will help keep images compressed, provide a CDN, lazy load the website and minify code. There are so many impressive new plugins that can help improve your website’s speed and quality of response that it’s worth investing the time and funds into them.wordpress plugins updates
  2. Continue to provide fresh content. Google likes fresh content, as it is an indicator to search engines that your website is still actively being maintained. Quality fresh content is preferred, as opposed to thin content – content that doesn’t really say anything but might be a bunch of words. Having a blog on your website is an easy way to keep fresh content flowing.
  3. Use original images on your website. Believe it or not, stock images used on a website is considered duplicate content by Google and will affect your website’s rankings. Plus, people just like seeing original images. Don’t be afraid to pull the camera out and take photos of your: building, staff, people at work – or anything creative you can think of. Keep brainstorming ideas of how you can take quality photos for your website, which also can be used within your social media. SEO Essential Solutions team
  4. Build a quality link profile by partnering with local charities. By sponsoring local charities, you can, in turn, ask them to put a link on their website pointing back to your website. Think through all of your company partners or groups that you work with, and do the same thing. Links back to your website are still super critical to your rankings.
  5. Brand, brand, brand. Keep the name of your company active and known. Utilize social media to keep your brand in front of people. You might think out an angle or style that best represents your brand as well as colors and logo. Use this information consistently and advertise to the types of people you are seeking as clients. Brand searches are the best way to push your rankings up in organic search. The more people who click on your website, the stronger the website appears. The message to Google is, this website is popular and deserves a higher authority.


Maintaining your website’s SEO isn’t always easy and it is a numbers and time game. The more difficult the competition, or the broader the audience you serve, will be a big factor. Despite all of the obstacles, don’t let this stop you from forging ahead and pushing your company to the top.