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The Original White Water Rafting Tour Company of the United States (which we will refer to as, ‘Expeditions’) called SEO Essential Solutions due to their lack of website traffic and bookings. Expeditions has been in business for over eighty years, under generations of river-runner ownership. Although Expeditions was the Original white water rafting tour company, they weren’t showing up in Search, their PPC (Pay Per Click) Ad costs were through the roof and they weren’t seeing bookings. Expeditions had hundreds of unclaimed permits for the current year, and could not earn steady bookings as they had in years past.

After conducting a complete digital audit of Expeditions, including SEO, Content and their Social footprint, the most prominent initial findings by SEO Essential Solutions included the following:

*The website’s main landing page was lacking a 301 re-direct, splitting page authority between www.Expeditions.com and Expeditions.com (without the www). In short, the strength of the website was being split in two, with exterior links to both pages. In adding the re-direct, link authority was passed to a primary landing page, increasing authority and rankings.

*There was a lack of consistent Facebook management that went beyond direct Sales Promos or Testimonials. The Facebook account looked “spammy” and sales oriented, instead of looking adventurous, fun and personalized.

*The AdWords and Analytics account did not have Goals set up to track conversions. Also, Keyword Research had not been conducted. Ad scores were low, driving costs up.

*Many of the Title and Description Tags for pages of the website were non-existent or duplicated. Others tags did not follow the best-practices guidelines. These negative indicators of an incomplete and non-SEO friendly site were trickling down to Google, Yahoo and Bing.

*Images were not optimized, leaving an enormous gap in traffic within the Google Images search arena.

There were three main objectives SEO Essential Solutions wished to accomplish for Expeditions. The first was to re-build the foundation of the website moving forward. Work included: keyword research, cleaning up title, description and other meta tags within the site, optimizing content and implementing other on-page SEO elements.

The second objective was to re-structure the Google AdWords account. We would take the applicable keyword research and apply it to the re-construction of the Google AdWords account. We also set up Goals to track conversions. The addition of Goals, and the new re-structure and re-marketing campaign would allow for more ads to be seen by a more targeted following, at a lower cost to Expeditions.

The final objective was to re-imagine Expeditions’ process of providing content to their followers and potential adventurers. This would include developing a Unique Selling Proposition, or in short, a way in which their company was different than any other white water rafting tour company within the market. We branded the company as the ‘Original White Water Rafting Company’. We also assisted in developing a new vocabulary for their social efforts, including, “Adventure with Us” or “Become a River Runner.” We ran contests to give away swag and promote the ‘sharing’ of their content. We would also teach Expeditions how to post more effectively to their Social outlets, utilizing creative/optimized content, optimizing posts for ease of conversion and building relationships and credibility with their following worth shares and referrals.

white water rafters

Within eight months of working together with the Expeditions crew, they had booked every available tour in full, (ranging from $1700 to $3600) for the following year, before January 1st. Expeditions had never in their history booked a season of tours in full, especially not prior to January 1st. The Expeditions crew celebrated by taking everyone on their team to Mexico for a one- week, all expenses paid vacation.

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