Digital Audits

Understanding your online footprint to best strategize for your company’s future.

Starting your marketing journey should always begin with a digital audit. A full digital audit is made up of three components:

SEO Digital Audits – The SEO Digital Audit is first, a full website scan, to identify: broken code, missing title and description tags, identical tags, missing photo alt and description tags, page speed issues, sitemaps.XML, robots.txt, keyword matching and density, website usability, broken pages and broken links, website architecture, and link profile analysis. You would be surprised at how many sites we audit that are broken in numerous pages. These breaks send signals to Google that your site just isn’t up to par.

We also analyze the competition’s: website, content, links and social strategy so that we can define what they are doing that you could also be taking advantage of. We also determine where the competitor is placing most of their online efforts, so that we can strategize to go above and beyond that AND take advantage of efforts the competitors are not yet utilizing.

Content Audit – A Content Audit is the evaluation of the type of content utilized on and off of a brand’s website. We analyze content within the blog, copy within the website, as well as the marketing message that is being displayed to potential clients. Our team also analyzes and evaluates items such as: keyword density, keyword cannibalization, and the effectiveness and usefulness of the content provided by the brand. Not sure what any of this really means? That’s OK. In our audit documents provided we outline what each of these evaluations is really about and what we found regarding your site and your competitor’s site(s).

Social Media Audit – When composing the Social Media Audit, our team scans and evaluates each social media platform. Specialized team members analyze the branding message(s), posts, responses, hashtag use, post timing and so much more. We also analyze how you are building the brand’s social community with the use of trackable efforts. Not using trackable efforts? We’ll explain how this is done and give you some pointers on how to track your efforts moving forward.

The depth and width to which we conduct a website audit will depend on the audit type you choose below. We compare a solid digital foundation to having a solid foundation under your home. If the pieces aren’t in place within the foundation, anything added on top could end up being a waste of time, money and effort if the foundation collapses. Foundational fixes, repairs, and improvements can assist your brand and business considerably. This is why digital audits are so important and often conducted annually.

Our Digital Audits include punch-lists to assist you in understanding the fixes that we suggest to repair your foundation. We also include tutorials to assist you in completing some of these punch-list items yourself (should you feel comfortable doing so). If not, SEO Essential Solutions will also provide you with a bid on making the fixes or sharing the cost of making repairs with your staff.

By the end of this audit we want you to be able to really understand what we were looking for – and why.

Ready to get started? Let’s Get Auditing!

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