Website Design and Development

A website is your calling card, your brand simplified and a potential client’s first look at who you really are…

Our specialized website design and development team will work hand-in-hand with you in crafting a website that fits perfectly with your budget and needs. Our websites are designed on a WordPress platform for ease of use, search engine optimization capacity, e-commerce potential and third-party integrations. We review your business holistically, understanding what parts and pieces you will need to create a successful business website.

All of our websites are responsive in nature; clean and viewable on desktops, tablets, and smartphones.

The importance of having a website that looks great on a mobile device or handheld device is critical. If your website doesn’t shrink down into the size of another person’s device (without stretching and moving it all around to see necessary copy and images) and is easily readable, it is most likely the visitor will leave after a few moments. You as a business or a solo-preneur, have less than 8 seconds for your page to load AND to have viewable information that meets the visitor’s needs.

In addition to the importance of website responsiveness – is speed. We utilize premium, tested designs and plugins to give your website the fastest loading capacity for your buck. We also make sure your hosting is set up in a way that it doesn’t slow down the capacity of your website’s data load.

Today, Google is ranking websites by the degree of which a website can load under 2 seconds. If your website has photos that are too large, files that are messy, a over-stuffed database, caching that has to be cleaned up and script that must be minimized – we are here to help.

Website User Experience is our ultimate mission for our clients. Maintaining a guest on the website and getting them quickly to the page or information they are seeking is the top goal. Then, your potential client can: call, buy or sign up without hassle. Taking into account Google’s requirements, the user’s needs and SEO factors, we integrate all pieces together so that your website is seamlessly top notch.

When you sign up for a new or improved website with SEO Essential Solutions, you will be assigned a project manager who will hold your hand through the process of carefully constructing your website. There are a number of details and points that will be carefully discussed with you along the say. Like building a new home, the project manager will bring to your attention a number of foundational matters that will make your website the most efficiently and representative of your brand in its best capacity. At the completion of the project you will have a website you are proud of, and one that you know follows the digital guidelines for success.

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